About Us

San Miguel Produce, Inc.

Located on the coastal plains of Oxnard, California, the people of San Miguel Produce, Inc. have been farming for three generations. The company has created a unique partnership with friends and family -- all sharing a passionate spirit and love for the land and its fruitful bounty. The people of San Miguel Produce, Inc. -- creators of Cut'N Clean Greens -- live, work and breathe greens exclusively, and have focused all of the company's resources on Niche Specialty Greens.

In 1996, company founders took their appreciation for nutritious vegetables and their history and professional expertise for growing superior vegetables in California and combined them to create the very best, freshest and most nutritious varieties of packaged greens in North America. Over the years, the company has earned the reputation for having the very best quality, consistency and year-round availability of leafy greens.

The vision was - and still is! - to provide people with an easy solution for adding nutritious and fresh greens to their diet more often by eliminating the long and arduous task of picking, washing and cutting fresh greens. Since 1996, the kernel of this vision has grown into many fresh, nutritious and delicious varieties of Cut'N Clean Greens, including organic greens and seasoning.

San Miguel Produce/Cut'N Clean Greens, has become the nation's leading grower and processor of fresh and nutritious greens in the US. Over the years, the company has created special processes and technologies to provide naturally fresh, packaged greens that have set the standard for the industry.

The company remains committed to furthering these efforts for the benefit of the industry and remains steadfast for building partnerships based on core business principles and values of trust, respect and integrity.

With an eye toward the future, San Miguel Produce looks forward to expanding and innovating exciting new concepts and varieties of nutritious greens for a hungry world.San Miguel Produce, Inc.


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