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Here's a good detailed article from the Nutritional Research Foundation about Collard Greens and their benefits. Just another reason to enjoy our Cut 'N Clean greens every week.
Check out the article and an associated recipe at

To complement our growing line of kale, Cut 'N Clean Greens now offers two new items:

We've got more information for you on Kale. Check out what AARP has to say.
They list 4 good reasons to eat it. That's a great start and we can think of a lot more!


Can we say more about this great vegetable, YES!
People are learning about the nutritional profile as more and more articles and new stories tout Kale's vitamin and mineral content, and it is great in a variety of recipes.
Check out what more people are saying. Heres an article from the Baxter Bulletin.


Chard comes in a variety of colors, has an impressive nutritional profile and is loaded with flavor!
It is packed with antioxidants including Vitamin C & K. Chard thrives in the rich soil that our family farms throughout the year.
For more interesting facts, check out this article


Greens have been a healthy part of peoples diet for hundreds of years, but it wasn't until 1997 when San Miguel Produce introduced Cut 'N Clean Greens, the original fresh cut greens in a bag. With the introduction of Country Greens, Euro Greens and Beet Greens, Cut 'N Clean continues to deliver exciting new tastes in convenient packages. And...