Have You Seen Our New Bags?

San Miguel Produce, Inc.™ is celebrating 20 years of our fresh-cut packaged greens with new packaging for our popular line of Cut ‘N Clean Greens.

Have you seen the new packages yet in your grocery store?

We have more than 20 varieties of greens now for retail or foodservice which will be available in the new packaging, including our unique single varieties such as Rainbow Chard and Tuscan kale; delicious blends including Country Greens and Euro Greens; and nutrient-dense salads like SuperKALE Salad Slaw, IRONman Spinach and Beet Greens Salad and EnerCHI Asian Salad, among others.

Our new bags also include these features:

  • New varieties like Tuscan kale
  • Bright, easy to read, fresh graphics
  • Enhanced prominent color coding for variety recognition
  • Consumer-friendly information about the benefits of nutrient-dense greens
  • Super easy and fun new contemporary recipes
  • Quick tips on how to incorporate flavorful greens into any diet or dish
  • Taste profiles by variety
  • Expanded nutrition facts
  • 100% recyclable micro perforated bags









Have You Seen Our New Bags?