National Kale Day is October 1, 2014

National Kale Day is Wednesday, Oct. 1! We’re excited to be co-sponsors of this important day.

It is designed to celebrate kale’s incredible health benefits, highlight kale’s culinary versatility, and promote eating, growing and sharing kale. National Kale Day is the first Wednesday in October and is an annual celebration.

As you probably know, kale is a superfood, with superhero super powers.  

  • Kale is the queen of the cruciferous vegetable family (which also includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts and bok choy) which means you get plant-based power in your diet that goes well beyond standard vitamin and minerals.
  • Kale is packed with special phytonutrients, making it a power plant that can fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Just a few cups of kale daily may have the power to battle cancer, inflammation and low moods. Add to that protein, high levels of vitamin C and K, iron, omega-3 and fiber -- nutrients that many Americans are missing from their diet.
  • Kale is not only nutrient-dense, it also happens to be hearty, which means it travels well and lasts for up to a week when stored in a loose paper or plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper.
  • Kale is also extremely versatile, starring in everything from smoothies and side dishes to salads, soups, stews and desserts.

Join us in celebrating National Kale Day on Oct. 1!
All hail to kale! 
If you’d like to keep up on National Kale Day, you can do it here.

National Kale Day is October 1, 2014