Time for Green Lemonade

Collard Cajun Lemonade from our own chef Garrett Nishimori. Collard juice and mint green this one up. Leave out the Pimms No. 1 if you want a virgin drink.

Frozen KALE-ade also from Chef Garrett. A great, refreshing way to #eatyourgreens.

Green Spinach Lemonade, from Gina at "So...Let's Hang Out." A little celery, cuke and spinach make it green. Apple sweetens it, lemon tarts it up and ginger gives it a refreshing zip.

Green Kale Lemonade, from Elana's Pantry, uses kale, stalks and all.

California Dreamin' Evening Cleansing Juice by The Blender Girl, has Swiss Chard, parsley and romaine for the greenery.

Strawberry Kale Lemonade, a good "beginner juice" by Stacy of Center Stage Wellness.  

Green Lemonade with spinach AND kale, from Reboot with Joe.


**Locals: remember to visit us this Friday, August 1st, in the Ag building at the Ventura County Fair for "Leafy Greens Day"! We will be sampling our KALE-ade!