Country Greens

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  • Country Greens 10 oz./1 lb./2 lb. bag

A flavorful blend of your favorite southern cooking greens - collard, mustard and turnip. Collard greens give this mix its great texture, while the mustard and turnip greens provide their well known mustard and pepper flavors. Don't try this mix unless you're ready to be hooked. Highest Nutrition per Calorie: A, C, K & Folate, Calcium, Fiber, Lutein Its easy to cook this delightful blend of greens southern-style, with smoked ham hocks, vinegar, herbs and spices or reduce the fat by serving wilted with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, lemon, and seasonings. Country Greens are ready to cook right out of the bag. You'll have a perfect dish of greens every time, all year long without all the usual work.

Cooking Tips & Times

Most cooking greens shine with simple preparation. Here are a couple of additional tips for Country Greens: Country Greens can be a healthy addition to virtually any dish and provides a nice kick of flavor as well Add Country Greens and Cut `n Clean Seasoning to roasted potatoes Wilt Country Greens then stir fry with other vegetables and finally and mix in with wide flat rice noodles Smoked meats pair naturally well with Country Greens