Available in:

  • Kale 10 oz./ 1 lb./ 2 lb.

  • Kale Bunch*

  • Red Kale Bunch*

  • Lacinato / Tuscan Bunch*

  • "Lacinato" Tuscan Kale 10 oz.

  • Organic Kale 1 lb.

  • Organic "Lacinato" Tuscan Kale 1 lb.

  • Organic Rainbow Kale 5 oz./ 1 lb.
* available in organic and conventional

A form of cabbage that doesn’t form a head, kale has three main varieties: Green, Red and "Lacinato" Tuscan Kale. Many people think it has a mild cabbagy flavor, and it is very versatile often tossed into soups because the hardy leaves can stand up to long simmering, blended or juiced raw in green drinks, massaged into kale salads, and even baked into kale "chips" or a crispy pizza topping.

Kale: fresh mellow cabbage taste that pairs well with many other vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and proteins. Kale's versatility makes it the perfect addition to any recipe that shows off its ruffly leaves. Try adding kale to your favorite pasta or soup recipe.

Red Kale: highlighted by colorful red/purple stems and veins with dark green ruffled leaves with a reddish rim. Red kale has a fresh cabbage taste with a slight hint of peppery flavor. Add to kale salads for some added flavor and color.

"Lacinato" Tuscan Kale: also known as Dinosaur or Black Kale, has an earthy, slightly peppery flavor and is a bit more sweet and tender than other kales making it a popular choice for kale salads. With its subtle flavor, this kale blends well with many dishes, making it the perfect addition to soups, sautés or stir-fries.

High in vitamins & minerals: A, C, K & Calcium, Fiber, Calcium, Manganese, Beta-Carotene, Lutein Cut 'N Clean Greens Kale makes your life easier by eliminating the drudgery of washing and cutting. With our easy bags of ready-to-use kale, home cooks can focus on cooking, while saving time normally needed for prep and cleanup. Our kale is easy to cook, straight from the bag. You can green up soups and hearty sauces (such as chunky spaghetti sauce) or sauté it simply, for a clean, pure flavor. Lightly steamed or braised in stock, it makes a beautiful bed for a piece of fish.

Cooking Tips & Times

Some people believe that freezing, even if just overnight, makes kale sweeter and tastier. Try it for yourself. You may freeze Cut 'N Clean Greens Kale right in the unopened bag. Kale has a hearty, sturdy leaf, and can stand up to simmering, so feel free to toss it into soups. Its flavor will not overpower. Finely shredded, you can substitute kale in nearly any type of cole slaw salad recipe instead of cabbage.