Leafy Greens Stuffed with Jamon and Cheese

Serves: 4


acelga or chard leaves, large ones

100 grams jamon serrano, sliced thinly and chopped into small pieces

100 grams cheese, thinly sliced, preferably low fat

brown flour, for coating

2 eggs, beaten

40 grams pine nuts, optional


olive oil, for frying


Cut the acelga leaves into large squares and then cook them in boiling salted water. When cooked drain them and leave to cool.

Spread out the leaves. Into each square, add a thin slice of cheese and a sprinkle of some bits of jamon and pine nuts if they are being used. Top with another square of acelga.

Put the egg into a bowl and beat it well. Then dip the acelga parcels in the egg first and later the flour. This may be done twice. Then fry them in hot olive oil. When nicley browned, lift them out and drain briefly on some kitchen paper.

Serve immediately.

To coat the acelga stalks fry frying do the same thing, after peeling them dip them first into egg and then flour before frying and serving.

Popular vegetable substitutions include: Rainbow Chard

Recipe by Rachel L. Webb.

Eat your greens with this different and easy recipe of greens stuffed with cheese and jamon.