Seasoned Bread

Serves: 4-8


1 (1 ounce) packet Cut 'N Clean Greens Seasoning

1 loaf French bread (or sourdough)

Olive oil


Heat oven broiler.

Cut bread loaf lengthwise in half. Place bread halves on baking sheet, cut side up, and brush lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle with Seasoning mix; you might not use the whole packet.

Broil for 1-2 minutes, watching closely so it doesn’t burn. Topping will bubble slightly.

Remove from broiler and, using a serrated bread knife, slice bread into pieces.

If you have leftover bread (forgive us, but in the Cut 'N Clean Greens test kitchen we are laughing at the very idea of leftover Seasoned Bread!)…anyway, if you DO have leftover bread, you may store it in an airtight container at room temperature until the next meal, at which time it will disappear. We promise. Or you may wish to cut it into smaller chunks and use it for croutons for a salad.

Popular vegetable substitutions include: Green Seasoning

Cut 'N Clean Greens unique Seasoning makes a flavorful bread topping